Kaljulaid hails African unity at AU Pavilion


Former President of the Republic of Estonia, H.E. Kersti Kaljulaid, hailed the unity shown by the African continent during her tour of the African Union (AU) pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Kaljulaid paid a courtesy visit to the pavilion, received by the AU’s Expo 2020 Deputy Commissioner General, Mr. Charles Chiumya, taking her through a guided tour of the ‘memorable pavilion’.

The Former Head of State was on a pavilion tour at the back of the RewirED summit where she participated alongside the African Union. Accompanied by the Estonian Pavilion Commissioner General, Daniel Erik Schaer; Kaljulaid made stops at the Kenyan and Rwandese pavilions, enjoying a homemade cup of coffee at the latter stop.

During her visit, Her Excellency, Kaljulaid, remarked that in her lifetime she has been to sixteen African states and enjoyed great hospitality with each of those visits. Thus her call to the AU Pavilion felt at ‘home’. Former President Kaljulaid also made a stop at the Rwanda pavilion, where she enjoyed a cup of the best coffee found at Expo. 

“We love to host current and former heads of state at our pavilion, especially those who visit us from shores afar the African continent. They come to witness, first hand, the trajectory of the continent and we hope that they will go back to their countries encouraging businesses to come and explore this great land of opportunities,” remarked Mr. Chiumya.

“Her Excellency has a wealth of systems knowledge and is an astute leader having served her people at the highest office. I took to heart her compliments on some of the flagship projects under Agenda 2063, especially those detailed in the African Passport and Free Movement of People” added the Commissioner General.

Amongst other benefits, the Free movement of persons in Africa is expected to boost intra-Africa trade, commerce and tourism. Facilitating labour mobility, intra-Africa knowledge and skills transfer whilst promoting pan-African identity, social integration and tourism. Furthermore, it is envisioned that this will go on to improve trans-border infrastructure and shared development.

“I am so proud to see how the African continent is realising its dreams - through unity. Because unity is the meaning of the AU, and it brings peace and prosperity. I cheer you on, my dear African sisters and brothers' said President Kaljulaid.

Earlier, at the RewirED Summit, the former head of state had reiterated her nations commitment to helping implement the digital strategy across the African continet. Highlighting how her nation is already doing some remarkable work in helping Kenya digitise its study material, bridging the gap to international standards for young Africans.

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